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AVM (Automated Voice Messages)

AVM is a marketing/communication method that targets consumers by dialing their mobile phones with a recorded marketing message, the consumers show interest by selection one or more options on their dial pad, their input is then relayed back to the broadcaster to execute the sales process.

Avm yields high response rates and success where sms fails,  SMS marketing is slowly becoming redundant and email marketing just does not work. With WASPA and the DMA getting lots of complaints and the major cellular providers blocking the routes it is getting harder to get your marketing message out there.  So, we were forced to come up with another way of getting our clients marketing content out there and we have successfully done so with our new exciting product called Automated Voice Messaging (AVM).

How AVM marketing works:

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
  • STEP 5
The client contacts BMI to discuss marketing options
  • BMI has a database of +/- 50 million consumers.
  • BMI profiles the client’s target market and offers them +/- 7 million suitable consumers to broadcast to.
BMI offers the client 3 Marketing Channels to choice from:
  1. SMS Marketing  (0,5% Response Rate)
  2. AVM – Automated Voice Marketing  (3% Response Rate)
  3. Other – Email marketing or Call Centre Solutions  (0,01% Response Rate)

The client chooses to go with AVM marketing.

BMI goes to the recording studio to record an appropriate marketing message
  • The recorded marketing message is then broadcasted directly to the +/- 7 million profiled consumers.
The consumer's cell phone rings
  • The consumer shows interest by SELECTING 1 or more options on their keypad.
  • Their input is relayed back to the call centre, where they are asked a selection of qualifying questions.

Only about 30% of the consumers qualify

The leads are then qualified
  • The client retrieves the leads from his URL: http://YOURURL.co.za/…
  • The leads are then dialed in the client’s call centre

Costing Modules

We offer a free pilot to determine the market response and so that our clients can test their conversions.

  1. C.P.L. – Cost per Lead, average of R65 to R75
  2. Risk – Cost per Sale, average of R650 – R750
  3. P Ratio – Cost per Premium:
    – 65% of month 1 premium collected
    – 50% of month 2 premium collected
    – 35% of month 3 premium collected