Business Overview – Black Moon Investments

Business Overview

Business Overview

We provide clients with consumer data and hot leads for direct marketing/or verification.

We profile our data according to the client’s specific requirements to ensure that their campaigns align with their target market.
This reduces costs and increase conversion rates.

Response Rate

  • Response rate to SMS 0,5%
  • Response rate to AVM – 3%

Conversion Rate


Contactables (R.P.C.)

Cold data:
Our specialized data skills allow you to accurately identify and profile your target market

• Increase conversion rates to achieve optimal return on investment
• Concentrate and direct your resources on potential customers who are already interested in your product/service
• Reduce costs such as unnecessary cold calling – thereby reducing phone tariffs as well as better utilization of staff resources
• Achieve and surpass annual company sales budgets year after year!

One of the only SMS providers that allows you to control message sending speed combined with superior scheduling functions

• Global leaders within the software development and telecommunications sectors providing low cost – high tech communication solutions
• Use bulk SMS and enterprise messaging to reach specific customer groups at different times for various reasons
• Create added brand awareness and open up new avenues of revenue through mobile marketing

Our verification software allows you to increase your companies’ productivity while saving time and money

• Real-time verification software in a secure database environment reduce cost and increase productivity
• At a fracture of the cost companies will pay to establish contact with their clients via call time or SMS communication
• Validate cell and landline numbers at a speed of 200 000 an hour using high tech software solutions with results that are 100% accurate
• Value added service of updating current records automatically with current verification status e.g. active, invalid, voice box and more

Your partner in Africa for actionable credit information

• Information technology solutions for actionable credit information across the entire African continent
• An in-depth understanding of your competitive environment and customers and vendors
• Cost-effective, comprehensive and intuitive online tracing tools
• Support by saving you time and taking out the guesswork by providing integrated one-stop information solutions