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Data Services

Focus resources on potential customers, who are already interested in your service or product

At BMI we offer our clients the opportunity to concentrate and direct their resources in focusing on potential customers, who are already interested in their product or service. We do the ground work in locating new potential customers for our clients. We simply ascertain individual’s needs, and pass them onto a market leader who will be able to further assist them in meeting those needs. BMI also works on commission based models with regard to new customers and what products or services they purchase from our clients.

BMI takes the burden off company’s budgets, reducing costs such as unnecessary cold calling of clients thereby reducing phone tariffs as well as better utilization of staff resources. Companies can now concentrate on new potential customers who are indeed “interested” in their product to begin with. We work hand in hand with your sales team in achieving and surpassing annual company sales budgets year after year and are confident in the synergetic results which we can accomplish together.