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LEAD Generation

A lead is an individual who has expressed interest in a product/service advertised to them

So what is a Lead?

A lead is any individual who fills out an online form, replies to an SMS or responds to any type of medium, expressing their desire to purchase a product being advertised to them, thus initiating the sales process. The primary purpose of lead generation is to generate and increase sales. Lead generation as a process, consists of gathering the contact details and personal information of these qualified prospects.

  • Locate hot Leads
  • Leverage mass market penetration of BMI Telecoms
  • E-mail, SMS and MMS campaigns
  • Drive targeted Leads to customer touch points
  • 52 million verified RSA ID numbers
  • Full Geo-coding down to street Level
  • Deceased Flags
  • Full Public domain information including Deeds, Cipro, Defaults, Judgements, Debt review status, etc.
  • 42 million ID numbers Linked to Cell Contact which is specifically used in our Lead generation model
  • LSM indicators
  • Trend Indicators
  • Income Estimations
  • Language Indicators based on algorithm
  • Race indicators based on algorithms
  • Email Linked to ID
  • Home Numbers Linked to ID
  • Work Number Linked to ID
  • Home Address
  • Employment
  • Job Title
  • Vehicle Indicators, Owner
  • Marital Status