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SMS Services

We have strategically aligned ourselves to global leaders within the software development and telecommunications sectors to provide developing countries such as South Africa with low cost – high tech communication solutions. Mainly focused on customized application programming interfaces (APl’s) for corporate clients, BMI has now also turned its attention to provide individuals and SM E’s with explosive bulk messaging platforms, Now everyone can create added brand awareness and open up new avenues of revenue through mobile marketing, customer relationship management and field force automation at wholesale prices.

  • Receive replies via email or in your in box
  • Control your message sending speed
  • High speed delivery
  • Send SMS’s to over 70 countries
  • Desktop Application

How SMS marketing works:

  • STEP 1
  • STEP 2
  • STEP 3
  • STEP 4
The client contacts BMI to discuss marketing options
  • BMI has a database of +/- 50 million consumers.
  • BMI profiles the client’s target market and offers them +/- 7 million suitable consumers to broadcast to.
BMI offers the client 3 Marketing Channels to choice from:
  1. SMS Marketing  (0,5% Response Rate)
  2. AVM – Automated Voice Marketing  (3% Response Rate)
  3. Other – Email marketing or Call Centre Solutions  (0,01% Response Rate)

The client chooses to go with SMS marketing.

BMI generates an appropriate SMS marketing message
  • The SMS marketing message is sent directly to the +/- 7 million profiled consumers
The consumer' gets an SMS
  • The consumer shows interest by REPLYING YES or by opting out.
  • The replies gets filed and hot leads gets send through to the client, who executes the sales process.

Costing Modules

We offer a free pilot to determine the market response and so that our clients can test their conversions.

  1. C.P.L. – Cost per Lead, average of R65 to R75
  2. Risk – Cost per Sale, average of R650 – R750
  3. P Ratio – Cost per Premium:
    – 65% of month 1 premium collected
    – 50% of month 2 premium collected
    – 35% of month 3 premium collected

SMS cost example

This is just a basic example of what a cost per lead could work out to on SMS marketing with a maximum response rate of 0.5%.

100 000 SMS x R0.16 / sms = R16 000 / send
Average Response Rate
Leads Generated



This function enables you to send sms’s to individuals or thousands of recipients in one click. Simply upload your list and voila! Bulk communication at your fingertips, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


BMI allows you to throttle messages; this means that you can control the speed of your outgoing messages. Thus by controlling the volumes of outgoing messages you can control the volumes of your incoming calls according to your daily call centre requirements and capabilities.


You can now reply to all your sms responses directly from your inbox. You can also set automated responses triggered by a certain keyword, as an example, if you clients reply message contains a keyword “yes” then a custom automated response can be sent back to him. Or if your clients reply message contains the keyword “no” a different automated response can be sent back to him. The system makes allowance for six different keyword triggered responses.


You can now receive all your replies via email and also view your messages in your in box. Each reply you receive from your outgoing messages can be sent to any desired email address and stored in your in box.


This allows you to send from your desktop, using superior and unique high tech communication solutions. The desktop application connects via “HTTP API” so you don’t have to log on to our website to enjoy our services.


Have a specific business need? Not a problem! We can tailor any solutions to your requirements. Let some of the best developers customize our API with your existing software or crm systems to suite your needs. We develop on the following languages: php, html. JavaScript. java, c++, asp, visual basic, turbo Pascal. Delphi, assembler, python, ruby, ruby on rails, mysql.


Send messages from you mobile phone to any network for 15 cents via java application, with sms bundles available at 20 000 distribution points across South Africa. It is easy to download and easy to use. Simply use this link in your cell phone browser: for real-time reporting.