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Verification Services

We offers real time verification software, which reduces marketing cost by not contacting invalid numbers

BMI offers real time verification software, we offer a secure database environment that benefits companies to reduce marketing cost and phone bills dramatically while it increases productivity by saving time and money by not contacting invalid numbers.

BMI provides this service at an fracture of the price companies would pay to establish contact with their clients via call time or sms communication. We use high tech software solutions that communicates directly with a cellphone user’s sim card that sends a response back to us with its current status e.g. active, invalid, voicebox and more.

BMI has the ability to validate cell and landline numbers at a speed of 200 000 an hour. Using high tech software solutions our results are 100% accurate and gives users an accurate indication of the number status that can benefit companies to reduce not just communication costs but also to increase sales and uplift sales moral that can get run down due to in contact ability frustration.

We also offer our clients the value added service of updating records that receive an invalid reading. BMI also provides communication solutions to companies at whole sale prices and can accommodate companies with affordable high tech communication software solutions such as bulk sms platforms and voip solutions.


In order to truly reach every business in South Africa, NO MATTER THE SIZE OR LOCATION, we turned to innovative web-based systems and online support. Our support team is extremely competent and can be easily reached by completing and submitting a contact form.